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Staying Connected while Deployed with @jgboyer

To view more of Justin’s scenes from his deployment, follow him on Instagram: @jgboyer.

National Guard Soldier Justin Boyer (@jgboyer) shipped out to Afghanistan in November 2011 and stayed for a full year. While in Kabul, he was a member of a Brigade Movement Team that drove higher-ranking and non-commissioned officers in armored vehicles to visit Afghan Police Headquarters, coalition bases and Afghan public works projects in the Kabul City District.

Justin shared photos of these trips and his daily life in Afghanistan on Instagram: “I usually shot with my iPhone because it easily fit in my pocket. It was unobtrusive and shot well enough to capture the scene,” he says. “Whenever I pulled my DSLR camera out, the kids and adults alike would go wild…It was much more subtle to use my iPhone. I wouldn’t have been able to get some of the pictures I did without it.”

Sharing these moments on Instagram allowed Justin to stay connected with loved ones. “While I was overseas, Instagram was a way for me to stay sane,” he explains. “I could easily communicate what it was like over there to my wife and share my perspective with the world. My brother was in Afghanistan at the same time as me. He was across the country and we never saw each other, but we were able to share our experiences on a daily basis via Instagram.”

Justin is now back in his hometown of Salt Lake City awaiting to hear if he’ll return to Afghanistan. Follow him @jgboyer to view more moments from his last deployment and daily life in Salt Lake.

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